10 Popular Types of Websites Layout designs That Make Money

Do you know how many types of websites are there?  Today we can do all the work from the Internet. We can visit different types of works for the different-different purpose. So, online we depend on the website. and today all sectors are converted online. So, in this article, you know about 10 popular types of websites layout that make money.

10 Popular Types of Websites Layou

You search the Internet to know any kind of information and as a result, you get the information by visiting some website or the other. From this, you must have come to know how important the different types of websites are.

A person who gives information on the Internet is the owner or owner of that website. There can be more than one owner of a website. So, we know how many types of websites in detail.

Types of Websites layout

There are many types of websites that are available on the Internet. Let us now know about all those types of websites

1. Search Engines and Portals

Search engines are the sites that you may have visited to search this article. This site is used by more than 1 billion people every day. Some examples of search engines are – Bing, Google, Yahoo. Maybe you use these for searching your queries. For example, Google already has information about other websites, that’s why if you search anything in Google, you get a list of sites with accurate results. Some people keep Google as the default search engine in their browser. Like there is Google Search Engine in chrome browser.

2. Informational Websites

Informational Website There are some such websites, which have only one purpose, to give information to the people. Maybe they can even make some money for them or you can also give them for free.

These websites contain information about these categories – TV Guides, Reference Material, Sports, Weather, and Stock Data.

3. Personal Websites and Blogs

Personal Websites and Blogs are growing very fast in today’s in the Internet area. What kind of information will be in these blogs, it all depends on the bloggers. Blog websites share information of different-different categories. Like if Technology-related blog, Health, Sports, Motivation, Facts, etc.

4. Blogs and Online Diaries

You will probably also be writing diaries, if your answer is “yes”, then there is no need for you to get worried. If your Dairy is made online, then you can call as Blog. Where you can easily share the information of your choice.

Blogger.com and Windows Live Space (Microsoft) You need to sign up for any one of these sites. On both these sites, you will find different types of tools from which you can design your blog.

5. Company Websites

Nowadays every company has a website, which contains information about some pages. Like Company Name, Services, Contact us page, About Us Page, Home page, this is some information.

Internet is an open market for everyone to search for any queries. That’s why a small company makes its own site to get more customers easily or get more traffic.

6. Forums websites

Forms mean asking questions. In forums websites where people ask questions and discuss any topic along with it. This is such a way where people talk among themselves and everyone gives a solution to their problem. These sites are also called Question-Answer or Q/A Sites.

You can discuss many topics on the Forum site. Quora is a very big Online Forum Site. Where millions of people connect together to answer people’s questions.

You are also advised to visit any Forum Site and share your knowledge with people. If you want, then you can create a forum Site yourself.

7. E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce websites are those websites that are used to selling or purchasing products on the Internet. Maybe you know that there are many companies where people sell their Goods and Services online. If you have any product then you can easily sell or purchase on these sites. It is also called e-shopping.

There is some website which belongs to this categories are  Amazon.com, Flipkart.com, Amazon. in and Snapdeal.com, etc. It comes in the Shopping category Site. In today’s time, all people want to come online for selling their goods so fast, you cannot imagine how many goods would be sold online in a day.

what is e-commerce website

You can also make your e-commerce website and sell your Goods and Services on the Internet easily.

Note:- For making any types of the website You Need 2 things that are:- 

  1. Domain name
  2. Web Hosting

8. Social Networking websites

The names of these websites categories know all people. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn are all single social sites.

All the Internet users in the world first go to Search Engine, After that follow  Social Site for his queries. Every day on an average person spends more than 2 hours on social sites.

About 100 Crore people are active on these social media sites throughout the day. The popularity of these types of sites is increasing day by day. The world’s most popular social site is Facebook after that social sites are coming.

9. Landing Page

A landing page is that specific page, that is created for a specific purpose for a marketing campaign that drives visitors to take a specific action. By making a landing page you can easily promote your business by using google ads and get your targeted audience easily.

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landing page websites

10. Magazine websites

A magazine website is a website that shares news, articles, photos, and videos that are educational and informational. In the previous days, people read newspapers for information and news. But today these are converted into digital form. The magazine website works on informational News, particularly publications from universities and organizations.


In this article, we know about 10 popular types of websites layout that make money when you apply some business idea or by AdSense. I hope you can understand all these things. If this article helps you then you also share it with your friends. If you have any questions related to this article then ask in the comment box below.

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