Add Custom Domain To Blogger 2021

Hello friends I hope all are happy to know about how to set the custom domain for your blogger. In this content, I talk about how to set up custom domain names such as So read this content till the end and set up your domain name to your blogger that’s is replace subdomain to your custom domain. add custom domain in blogger 2021.

Add Custom Domain To Blogger 2021

What is the meaning of a custom domain?

Custom Domain means that domain which is purchased from domain providing company for example GoDaddy, big rock, Bluehost, Hostinger, etc. This domain are paid domain like .com, .in, .org, .edu,,, etc.

How to buy a domain name from Godaddy

First of all search in web-browser in google. After that create a new account in Godaddy. after created a Godaddy account login into Godaddy and choose a domain that is about Rs 200-500. Choose a unique domain for your blog. after purchased completed.

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How to create a blog

first of all type in google. create a new account in the blogger account. and choose what type of blog you want to create like science and technology, comedy, entertainment, etc., and choose a new sub-domain like

after that a page will be open and write a unique post minimum word will be 200-400 for your blog and write a good title for your blog. If you write 20-25 posts then you can apply for google AdSense for ads. If Google AdSense gives approval but Google gives AdSense approval on that website which is SEO friendly.  After approving your blog then you can earn from blogging, it is the best method of earning.

How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with GoDaddy

If you add the custom domain name to your blogger account then you grow your website on the internet and you share your knowledge across people of the world. If you are a beginner then you can start writing a blog. a blog is nothing it is just like a diary. If you are more interested in blogging then you can buy a custom domain name.

Step-1:- Buy a new domain name from GoDaddy. or any hosting providing company.

Step-2:- You should go to the official website of the blogger and sign in with your Gmail ID and password. After signing with your Gmail ID you will see the blogger’s Dashboard and click on the left top menu and then go to the settings option.

How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with Godaddy

Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with GoDaddy

Step-2:- By clicking on the Settings option you will reach a page with lots of Function and many more features. Scroll down and you will find the option of a custom domain in the settings option. Click on the custom Domain’s option in the settings.

Add Custom Domain To Blogger

Step-3:- After doing this in blogger. The next step is to login into your  GoDaddy account from where you have purchased your domain name.

Go to the ‘My Domains’ option Click on the ‘Domain Settings’ Option. Under the subheading ‘All Products and Services’ You will see On Screen After Select Domain that you want To connect With Blogger

After Click on the DNS Management option. Under your Domain name, you will find the DNS setting option. Here You Will see the “CNAME” option in DNS Setting,  which is nothing but Custom Name.

Add Custom Domain To Blogger

Add Custom Domain To Blogger

Add Custom Domain To Blogger

After pasting 1st CNAME that you have to paste 2nd CNAME.

Step4:Go back to your blogger dashboard and add a custom domain for those you are purchased from GoDaddy. After enter click on save you will see some information about the domain that is highlighted in Red color.

Step5:- login to your  >my domains >Domain settings > Under domain settings you will see the Sub Heading Records. You will find Those Two CNAMEs under ‘Records’. Now you have to change them with your Blogger CNAME’s. Which are highlighted in red color in the blogger.    

You have to copy the First CNAME’s  Destination “” And paste it to First CNAME’s to ‘Points’. Remember to remove the @symbol before pasting.

NOTE:- “NAME is paste in HOST, Whereas DESTINATION is paste in POINT TO”

In blogger, Below the Custom Domains option, you will also see the ‘HTTPS option’ turn it on and You will also see the Redirect Domain Option turn it on too because by turning it on your Domain will be redirected. For to

After saving your Domain name it may take 20-30 minutes to redirect your Domain and some domains may even take 48 hours to change.


In this content, I provide steps to set up a custom domain name for bloggers, if you have any questions related to this content comment it.

                            Thanks for Reading!
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