Difference between RAM and ROM

Types of memory in a computer

Memory is the most essential part of a computing system because without it computer can’t perform simple tasks. Computer memory is of two basic types – Primary memory  (RAM  (random access memory) and ROM) and Secondary memory(hard drive, CD, etc.). Random Access Memory (RAM) is a volatile memory because it loses data when we remove the power supply and Read-Only Memory (ROM) is primary-non-volatile memory.

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What is RAM :

Ram stand for random access memory. It is the most important component of a computer, laptop, mobile, etc. Because without ram we can not run the computer.

Difference between RAM and ROM

It is volatile memory. That means if the computer power supply is cut off, then all data in RAM will be erased so it is called volatile memory. 

In ram temporary data is stored that is currently used by the computer.

 Types of computer RAM

    • DRAM -Dynamic RAM must be continuously refreshed, or otherwise, all contents are lost.
    • SRAM – Static RAM is faster, and needs less power supply but is more expensive. However, it does need to be refreshed like DRAM.
    • Synchronous Dynamic RAM (SDRAM) – This type of RAM can run at very high clock speeds. And execute more information.
    • DDR – Double Data Rate provides synchronous Random Access Memory

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    What is ROM in a computer?

    ROM stands for read-only memory data present in rom cannot be erased easily. It cannot depend on the power supply, So it is a nonvolatile memory. Its speed is less than RAM and it is not more costly than RAM.  

    Rom is used to booting up the computer or laptop.

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