High quality Dofollow vs Nofollow Backlink in SEO

What is a Backlink in SEO

A backlink is a back connection from another website to your website. Backlinks are also Know incoming links from other websites.

Backlinks are much important for search engines to rank any web page in the search engine. As for your content quality, To rank in the search engine.

what is backlink in seo

When you do this, you can generate more backlinks to your site. You can create backlinks by posting comments on other blogs and sites that are related to the type of content you provided. When you write these articles, make sure you use relevant keywords or useful keywords if you are doing this you can get more people to click your links and read your article and also increasing your domain rating and page rating.

If you create a blog post but your blog can not  Index in the Search engine quickly, then you Create a quality Backlink for SEO  that helps to index your site faster and appear in the search result and drive more traffic to your website.

Types of Backlinks: Dofollow vs Nofollow Backlink

There are two types of backlink which are uses in the website that’s is:-

  1. Do follow backlink
  2. no-follow backlink

No-follow links may not be as effective as Do-follow links, but still, there are some differences between them that you must know about.

What is no follow backlink?

A no-follow backlink is not much effective as Do-follow backlink SEO, But some difference between these two backlinks you must know about.

Nofollow backlink can’t pass any value From One Website to another Website. So, these backlink on-site is completely useless. These links are not going to be helpful to your website and they can’t really affect the ranking of your site on the search engine.

It is like:- <a href= ”example.com” rel=”nofollow”>

Do follow backlinks meaning

Do follow backlinks pass from one website to another website. And these types of backlinks rank your post easily in the search result. Because by do-follow backlink google notify that you create a high-quality post that is useful to the users. There are many ways to get a quality backlink for your website.

 Do follow backlink is in the form of:-

<a href=”example.com”> 

here rel=”do follow” is not necessary.

Best method to get  do-follow backlink

  • Guest posing
  • commenting
  • paid backlink
  • request for backlink

What is a good backlink?

Good and high-quality backlinks mean backlinks from high-domain authority websites like Wikipedia, Quora, medium, etc. Which DA above 40-50. Knows a good backlink. These backlinks are responsible for ranking in the search result.

Can you rank without backlinks?

If you are not creating backlinks from high another website then your posts can’t rank in the search result. But in some cases, you rank without a backlink but in rare cases and it is difficult.


In this content, I talk about what is backlink SEO, types of backlinks, etc. I hope you can understand easily. If it is helpful then share this content among your friends, and if you have any questions from these articles then ask in the comment section.

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