How to Make Money from Instagram and Reels

Welcome in my website Blogg Techy , Today You know that about Instagram and also you use for your requirement. Instagram is a Social Media platform. It grows day by day. But you know today Millions of people make money from Instagram. If you also work here you can also from one of them. Here I share some tips to make money from Instagram and Reels. Instagram is popular social media plateform like facebook  here you can share your content like facebook. And from here you can easily earn money from Instagram. So, let get started on our topic.

How to Make Money from Instagram and Reels
Make Money Online from Instagram

    Choose A Niche

    Niche is nothing it is a topic on which you can create a post. Best Niche is very important for your success. If you do not choose the best topic then you face many types of problems. So, first of all, you choose your niche according to your interest. For example, if you’re interested in Dogs, you easily make a post on Instagram like dog food, etc.

    Post Frequency

    Choosing Nice is not enough for Make Money from Instagram and reels. After choosing your niche you need to create a great post. If you want to grow your Instagram page then you post content regularly. Because it is very important to post in a schedule. If you publish 7 posts in a week then you publish regularly. If you publish 3 posts in a week then you must publish 3 posts on Instagram.

    Stories on Instagram

    Posting regular stories on Instagram then it is best for you. Because publishing stories then many new followers come. If you publish a story daily then your page reaches also growing.

    How to make money on Instagram
    Make Money from Instagram


    If you need engagement (engagement means how many people react to your post), you must use Hashtags. By using hashtags your post can reach people. The hashtag is always related to your post and your Niche. But many people use different hashtags on a different posts. This means if your post is related to Dogs food then you do not use hashtags of the computer.

    Best ways to Make Money from Instagram

    Money-making from Instagram is very easy. In Hindi, Instagram se paisa Kaise kamaye. If you earn money from Instagram, then you follow the ways:- 

    • Promote Account
    • Brand Promoting
    • Photos selling
    • Products selling
    • Instagram Account Selling
    • Become an Instagram account manager

    Promote Account

    If you gain some followers on your Instagram account. Then you can promote another account on your Instagram If you do this then you can charge some money from people for promoting the account. It is the best way to make some income from Instagram.

    Instagram se paisa kaise kamaye

    Brand Promote

    If you increase your follower on a specific Niche then many brands contact to you for promoting their products and services to grow their business.

    Photos Selling

    If you are interested in capture photos then you can also make money online on Instagram. In this type of money-making, you capture a photo and you watermark it. After doing so, you can share this post on Instagram. If any people like that photo then they contact you and you can sell that product by removing the watermark.

    Products Selling

    If you have some product and you want to sell it, then you can easily sell that product on your account and make some money.

    Instagram Account Selling

    On your Instagram page, If you have many followers and if your page popular on Instagram then you can also make money from Instagram by selling this page. But one point is noted here, your page has great page engagement then people can buy that page easily.

    Become an Instagram account manager

    If you can manage your Instagram account effectively then you can also make money on Instagram by managing accounts of brands. To doing so you need to contact brands in the market by messaging on their page.

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    FAQ Make Money Online from Instagram

    Q: How can I make lots of money?

    You can easily make a lot of money without any Degree or Course. Here you can generate income according to your skills.

    Q: How many followers do you need to make money on Instagram?

    The answer to this question is not give in one line because here you have many opportunities to make money from Instagram. Here you can generate income according to your skill. There is no need to increase more followers. If you have a good amount of followers then it is best for you.

    Q: How to earn money from Instagram reels

    You can also generate revenue by reels. By promoting accounts, product selling, etc.


    In this article, you know some tips to make money from Instagram and Reels. Today millions of people want to work from home. If you like this article then you can share it with your friends.

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