How to partition hard disk in windows 7/8.1/10

Hello friends, you are very welcome to this website. In this topic, we are going to learn how to do hard-disk partitions. If you are a computer user, then you must have heard about the hard disk partition.

Types of Storage device

There are two types of storage devices that are uses in the computer and mobile.

  • Permanent storage device
  • Temporary storage device

What is a Permanent storage device?

Permanent storage devices are that storage devices which stores data permanently until we can delete it. Some examples of these devices are Hard-Disk, SSD (Solid State Drive), memory card, Pendrive, etc.

What is a temporary storage device?

The temporary storage device is those devices that store data temporarily. It can store data for a short period of time. An example of these devices is RAM (Random Access Memory), etc.

Difference between HDD vs SSD

Both HDD and SSD are storage devices and both use to store data like documents, music, files, videos, photos, etc. HDD stands for Hard-Disk-Drive and SSD stands for Solid-State-Drive. Both have different costs in the market. SSD is costly than HDD because its different features like it have high speed than HDD, SSD life is more than HDD, SSD is durable, SSD uses less power and gives more battery backup to the laptops and computers.

That’s why we can say that SSD is Better than HDD.

Best Storage device for Computer and Laptop

-SSD (Solid State Drive)-
-HDD (Hard Disk Drive)-

What is a hard disk?

A hard disk is a computer’s “storage device” in which we store our data such as audio, videos, apps, software, files, folders, etc.

Hard disk is available in many sizes at this time such as 256GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, etc.

How to partition hard disk in windows 10

Splitting the hard disk into separate drives is called a hard-disk partition. Such as local disk (d :), local disk (e :), local disk (f :), local disk (g :), etc. What is a hard-disk partition?

Why hard disk partition necessary

Hard-disk partitioning is necessary because our computer has different types of files and to keep that file separate we need to do hard-disk partitioning.

How to do hard-disk partitions

Now we know how to do hard-disk partitions?

Step 1

So let’s go to your computer screen and you Right-click on the icon “This pc or My computer” and click “manage”.

Step 2

After that the window will open, you have to click on “Disk management”.

Now select any drive you want to partition and right-click and then click on Shrink Volume, as I am clicking on E Drive. As you see in the photo.

How to partition hard disk in windows

Step 3

After that, You typing in MB as you want to shrink the volume, click on the ‘Shrink’ option.

After that right-click on the option of “Unallocated” volume and click on “New Shrink Volume”.

How to partition Hard Disk in windows computer

After that, the window will open in which all have to click on the option of “Next”.

Following these steps, after that, you will create a new partition.

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In this content, I discuss how to partition a hard disk in windows 10. If you have any questions about this content then comment on it.

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