Make Bootable Pendrive by CMD for Installing Operating System

How to make Bootable Pendrive by using cmd (Comand prompt )

For installing an operating system like -window 10, window 7, window 8.1, and other types of operating systems.

create bootable usb from iso windows 10

Steps for making Bootable Pendrive:

  •  Insert Pendrive those you want to make bootable.
  • open CMD
  • TYPE:-                                              
  • – diskpart
  • – list disk
  • – select disk 1
  • – clean
  • – create partition primary
  • – select partition 1
  • – format fs=ntfs quick   or format fs=fat32 quick
  • – active 
  • – assign 
  • – exit

By this method, our Pendrive makes Bootable for installing an operating system.

If Pendrive is ejected from PC during OS installation what happens:-

If we remove Pendrive from pc during installation that window does not install completely but when we plugin Pendrive the installing process started again. But if we ejected Pendrive from OS then your pc may be corrupted. And start the process of installation from the beginning. then your pc be bootable and you run OS in your pc

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