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The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. also know about SEO in blogging. This is a process that you can use to improve the rank of your blog’s articles in the search engine. Therefore SEO is very- very important in website ranking. In this topic, we know about this in detail. This is a very important topics SEO karke traffic increase, Kaise Kare 

Full form of SEO


How does a Search Engine find out which page to rank?

Search engines have only one purpose. Top Rank, any website in Google, Bing, or any other web browser is that to give better answers to the users of their questions.

what is seo | types of seo

Types of SEO



In this type of optimization, more attention is paid to the page. This optimization is completely under our control. Under this comes some things such as 1) High-quality, keyword-rich content preparation. B) Also optimizing HTML, which includes title tags, meta descriptions, and subheads, etc.


This type of optimization is done outside the page. Like to create back-links on another website that have high domain and page authority, page ranks, bounce rates, etc.


This type of SEO depends on page load, AMP, responsive, mobile-friendly, these affect on-page ranking on google.

How to do ON-Page SEO

On-page SEO factors are related to the elements of your website. The term which is used under on-page factors is – the quality of your article – textual and visual content, as well as the user-friendliness of your site. We should understand that on-page techniques are those which are implemented in the website to increase the performance and visibility of the website.

1) Meta Title: It describes your website, with the help of primary keywords and it should be between 55–60 characters, because more than that, they can be hidden in Google Search.

2) Meta Description: It helps to define the website. Each page of the website should have a unique meta description. which is related to content writing.

3) Image Alt Tags: There are images on every website but google does not understand them, so you should also provide an alternative text so that the search engine can also understand them easily

4) Header Tag: They are very important, together they have a big contribution to correctly categorize the entire page.

5) Sitemap: Sitemap is used to crawl website pages so that google spider can easily crawl your pages and index them. There are many different sitemaps such as sitemap.xml, sitemap.html, ror.xml, a news sitemap, videos sitemap, image sitemap, etc.

6) Robots.txt: It is very important to indexing your website in Google. Websites that contain robot.txt are soon indexed.

7) Internal Linking: Interlinking is very important to easily navigate between pages in the website. it should provide which is very helpful for users to navigate across your website.

8) Mobile-friendly: Try to make your website mobile-friendly because nowadays people often use mobile to use the internet. There are many types of websites on the internet. And nowadays more traffic comes from mobile devices. you should make your website mobile-friendly and responsive.

How to do OFF-Page SEO

On the other hand comes off-page factors, such as links from other websites, social media attention, etc. In this SEO, you have to give more measures of quality backlinks, so that you can increase the authority of your website.

One thing you have to understand here is that off-page does not only mean link building but also provides better content, the more and the better content you provide to your viewers.


If your website will have more right content when Google crawls your website for the right content. Also, your content should be meaningful so that it can provide the right value to your target audience.


Choosing the right keywords is very important to ranking.

Long-tail keywords:

Since it is not so easy to rank in a short keyword, because it is very- very competitive. therefore you can use long-tail keywords in their place, which makes it easier to rank them.

Guest Blogging:

This is a very nice method to build do-follow backlinks. Both bloggers get benefit from this.


you can visually show your content to your viewers, which makes them more understanding. Together they can also share them.


I hope you have liked this article about how to do SEO and I also hope this article is very helpful to you. If you have any questions on this topic then write in the comment section.

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