Some basic concept of Tally

Tally Note in English

****Some basic concept of Tally, That we use every time when we use Tally Software.

So everybody must know these concepts which makes work and calculation easy.****

Tally notes in hindi

That is —

* Assets in tally 

– Assets are the thing in the business like a computer, laptop, almirah, table, chair, etc. that are not for sale, is known as Assets.

*Liabilities in tally

 -Liabilities are the responsibility of the businessman those who pay in the future.

* Capital in tally

– Capital is the amount that is invested by a businessman for the starting of his business.

* Drawing in tally

– Drawing are the amount that is taken back by the businessman for his business for various type of work.

* Ledger in tally

– The book of final entry where the account lie, is known as the ledger.

* Journal entry in tally

– Journal entries are the entry where we adjust the ledger of a customer. So it is also known as Adjustment entry / Voucher.


**In Tally there are 8 types of voucher in a tally that is – **

1. Contra voucher,2. Receipt voucher,

3. Payment voucher, 4. Sale voucher

5. Purchase voucher, 6. Debit Note voucher

7. Credit Note voucher

8. Journal voucher.


 ***In Tally all entry are must be related to one of these – ****

1. Assets

2. Liability 

3. Income

4. Expense 

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