Tally Notes pdf

tally notes 

  * first of you know what is tally. What are the uses of Tally

Tally is that software that maintains business transactions. That is like a ledger that we use in traditional times to maintain traction between the different consumers. It makes calculation easy.

Tally Notes pdf

It is the most uses software at this time in Business sectors and many other ways. 

In tally all types of data we maintain in the Voucher.

Types of voucher in tally

1. Sales Voucher

 If we sold anything from our Business then we use sales Vouchers. 


2 Purchase voucher

If we buy anything from others for Business then we use Purchase Voucher.


3 contra Voucher

In Contra Voucher we maintain transactions between cash and Bank Account.


4 Payment Voucher

when we make payment to others then we use a payment voucher.


5 Receipt Voucher

When we get something from others like cash, etc then we use a Receipt Voucher.


6 Sales Return  / Credit Note

When we sold anything from our Business and those who buy something and want to return some material. Then we use these type of Voucher


7 Purchase Return  / Debit  Note

These types of vouchers we use when we buy goods from others for business and some goods we do not need then we return to them from those we had bought goods, these types of entry we maintain in Purchase Return.


8 Journal voucher

Journal Voucher also called Adjustment Voucher. 

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