what is internet security

Internet security is very- very necessary for everyone because hacker attacks increasing day today. 

Therefore we have to know what is Internet Security.

Internet Security is a branch of Computer Science that is related to a network and Web browser or keeps the data intact and safe to avoid Cyber attacks

what is internet security

Importance of internet security

When we use the internet than many types of threat are comes So beware from these type of threat and Malware, etc. 

Cyber attacks can be reduced by using antivirus software, anti-spyware, firewall, strong passwords, etc.

– Do not share your personal information like username, password, etc.

types of internet security

There are many types of internet security by which we can safe from cyber attackers and protect our data.

Data Backup:

keep copies of data in external storage devices like Pendrive, cd, etc.

Use of encryption software:

It is used to convert the data into a coded form known as ciphertext which can only be understood by the Computer.

– Use Anti-virus and Anti-spyware software, etc.

Install Firewall:

The firewall could be software or hardware and can assist in keeping a computer and Network secure.

– Never install Software from Unknown sources.

Clear browser cookies frequently:

Cookies are the program that is created on the local computers when you visit the Websites.

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