What is Motherboard in Computer

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What is Motherboard

The motherboard is the main circuit board of the computer which is the backbone of the computer. Without mother-board computer can’t be possible. The motherboard connects all the components of the computers together for example – Processor, Speaker, Display, CPU, USB, Ports and Sockets. In which all external component are attached like Printer, Scanner, etc., and all types of Hardware. It is the biggest board in the computers. So, It is very important and essential component in the computer system.

What is the role of the motherboard in a computer system

The motherboard is the main and essential part of the computer system which acts as the “hub” to which other computer devices connect. The Motherboard is a printed circuit board that allows the CPU, RAM, USB, Power Socket, Fan Socket, and all other computer hardware components to communicate with each other.

Where is the motherboard located in the computer?

What is motherboard in computer

A computer the motherboard is located inside the computers. Where most of the parts and components are connected. The Motherboard is either the Left Side or the Right Side of the computer.

Motherboard components

There are many types of Mother-Board component are:-

  •      Back pane connectors
  •       Heat sink
  •       Capacitor
  •       Inductor
  •       Power connector
  •       CPU socket
  •       GPU socket
  •       ROM slot
  •       Coin cell battery (CMOS battery)
  •       System panel connector
  •       USB ports connector
  •       Integrated circuit
  •       Jumpers

Older motherboard components

The following list which is used in older computer motherboards.

  •        BIOS
  •      Cache memory
  •        Bus
  •        Diode
  •        Fuse
  •        Floppy Connection
  •        Game port
  •        Internal speaker connector
  •       Network card
  •       Voltage regulator
  •       Solenoid

How many connections, ports, or slots are on a motherboard

There is no limit to how many connector motherboards have it can be different from company to company.

Parts of Motherboard and its function :

There are many motherboard parts that work together are:-

USB connector

USB Stands for “Universal serial bus”. USB is designed mostly for personal computing devices such as keyboards, scanners, mouse, cameras, and printers, etc. It is generally in rectangular Shape. In USB, no need to restart the computer after connecting the computer peripherals. It is very useful on computers and laptops. It is also used for data sharing from one device to another device.

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PS/2 connector

It is Stands for “Personal System”, and it was designed by IBM in 1987. PS/2 connectors were used in traditional motherboards for various devices such as mouse and keyboards. It is not mostly used today. It has a 6-pin connector.

Parallel Port

It is used for connecting printers from our computers. By this port, data can send and receive simultaneously. It has a 15 pin connector and so on.

CPU Chip

It stands for “Central Processing Unit” Chip. CPU works as “Brain of Computer” and it is also called Brain of the Computer. CPU is available in the market in various sizes and various capacities like i3, i5, i7, i9, etc. CPU gives a lot of heat while working. It is one of the components of the computer which releases a lot of heat in the whole computer.

What is motherboard in computer

RAM Slot

RAM slots are used for connecting RAM to the motherboard. Because RAM is a very important component of computers. Which acts as a memory but is a volatile memory it means that it stores data temporarily. RAM has various varieties of RAM in the market.

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CMOS battery

CMOS Stands for “Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor”. CMOS contains all basic information that is stored in BIOS (Basic Input Output System) such as saved date and time. It is like a battery.

Heat Sink

The heat sink is a device that is very important to play a role to cool down hot components such as the “Processor”.

PCI Slot

PCI Stands for “Peripheral component interconnect”, and it was developed by Intel. With the help of PCI, we can connect a lot of devices to the Computers like network cards, sound cards, modems, video cards, GPU, etc.

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