What is Network types of Computer Network

What is Network

Network refers to the interconnected groups of people, objects, or  Computers.

A Computer network is a link of two or more two computers, which are connected to share information with each other.

The connection of networks from ‘Networking’.

It provides the user with access to share several hardware resources viz., Computers, Printers, Servers, Etc.

What is Network types of computer network

Types of NETWORK:-

Which are based on the geographical area.

1. LAN               2. MAN                3.WAN              


What is LAN (Local Area Network)

LAN is a type of network in which computers are connected in a local area or small geographical area, such as -Offices, schools, etc.

The common connecting medium used in LAN are cables, Wi-fi, etc.

Characteristics of LAN:

* In LAN, data communication takes place at a rate of 100-1000mbps.

* It is owned by an individual or an organization.

* It provides the user with access to share several common hardware resources viz computers, terminals, printers, servers, etc.

* There is no specific tariff for its usage.


What is MAN(Metropolitan Area Network)

MAN is a type of network in which the computers are connected over a large geographical area than LAN such as a City.

The communication medium that is used in MAN is ethernet cable, satellite, Radio transmission, etc.

Characteristics of MAN:-

* It covers a large area than LAN but a smaller area than WAN.

* It is surrounded by a single city or metropolitan area.

* It is mainly owned by large organizations to interconnect all its branches across a City.


What is WAN(Wide Area Network)

WAN is a type of network in which computers are connected over large geographical areas such as Cities, States, Countries, or even the whole World.

The communication medium used in WAN is Satellite.

Characteristics of WAN:-

* The speed of data transfer is up to 150mbps (Mega bite Per Second)

* It connects a large geographical area at less cost.


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