What is Processor in Computer

What is a processor?

A processor is a hardware device. Which are attached to the motherboard of the computer or laptops. The processor is also called the Brain of the computer. Without a processor we can’t run a computer as without a brain human beings can’t live. So Processor is a main part of the computers. The modern computer processor can process millions of instructions per second. It is the main chip of the computer.

What is processor in computer | function of processor

They control the logic and perform calculations and run programs on your computer.

Processors are also called Central Processing Unit.

The processing unit takes instruction from RAM (Random Access Memory)After that process an action when data is received to execute output.

Intel and AMD are the most well-known CPU  for desktops, laptops, and server computers. Intel Core and AMD  are some of the most popular desktop processors. Apple, Nvidia, and Qualcomm, etc. are all mobile device CPUs. 

Where is the CPU located in a computer?

The processing unit that is the Processor is located in the motherboard in the CPU slot.

32-bit vs 64-bit Computer Processor

There are two main types of processors available in the market: 32 bit and 64 bit. These numbers refer to how many bits can be sent data at the same time between different parts of the CPU.

What is Clock Speed

Clock speed refers to how many instructions or data a CPU can process per second. Gigahertz (GHz) is the main unit of measurement for clock speed. You’ll see gigahertz numbers on processor specifications. If the greater the Clock Speed, the faster a CPU (Central Processing Unit) will Run.

It is necessary to compare clock speed when you compare CPUs from the same generation. 

How do Processor core work

In the traditional days of computing, a computer processor would have a single core. This means that it could perform set of instructions at any given time. Today multi-core processors have become a standard. And it is used on the latest computer. Multi-core processors have multiple cores. By these, they can be able to execute different instructions at the same time. It is very faster. You’ll hear these setups referred to as “dual” and “quad” Core.

Parts of a Computer Processor

There are four components of a computer processor: the ALU,  FPU,  registers, and cache memory. The Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) carries all the arithmetic and logic operations. It operates with the integer numbers, which are whole numbers. The Floating Point Unit (FPU), manipulates floating-point numbers, which are number in decimal form. Then there is the Register. The register kobolds instructions received from other parts of a computer. It tells the ALU (Arithmetic login unit) what processes to carry out and stores the results of those operations.

What is Cache Memory:

Cache memory is that memory that stores data temporarily in less amount which increases the speed of the processorThis cache of the memory allows the processor to store data locally, without having to retrieve it from the RAM. The inclusion of these types of component helps make a CPU quicker and more efficient.

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