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What is WWW (World Wide Web)

The ‘World Wide Web’ is a framework for accessing the linked documents that are spread over millions of computing devices over the Internet.
– WWW was introduced in 1989 by the English Physicist ‘Sir Tim Berners Lee’.
The WWW is a service of Information in a combination of Text, Photographs, Graphics, Audio, Videos, etc.

What is world wide web

Features of WWW:

1. User friendly: WWW resources are compatible and can be used easily.

2. Data and Hardware Sharing: Through www users can send texts, spreadsheets, documents, presentations, audio files, video files, etc.  Hardware components like printers, scanners, etc. can also be shared among the resources of WWW.

3. Multimedia Documents: Multimedia documents are the information in the form of audio, videos, graphics, animations, and text which are viewed in the web Pages

5.Accessibility: WWW is accessible by anyone irrespective of its location, caste, community, nationality, profession, disability, etc. A user needs Computer, Modem, and Internet connection to use its resources.

6.Caching enables the storage of data temporarily in the memory. It enables to revisit or re-browse the same website more quickly while operating on the same Computer before switching it off.
 Note:- Caching reduces the time of users to operate the Website More Quickly.

4. Interactive: WWW provides a graphical interface.

6 Caching: If a user revisits the same web page within a short interval, it may not be needed to recall the data of the Web page from the source Web Server. 

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